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Sustainable Design Principles


The Integrated Design Charrette

The integrated design approach is accomplished through an interative process that invites the client, builder, designers, consultants, and community members, as appropriate, to participate in a focused and collaborative design effort, known as a "Charrette".  The purpose of this collaborative design team and design process is to provide for a rich exchange of ideas and information that allows truly integrated solutions to evolve.  This forum and methodology encourages every team member to cross polinate  the process with solutions to problems that may relate to, but are not typically addressed by, their specialty.  The objective is to have every member of this collborative design team understand the issues that the other members need to address.


Benefits of Sustainable Design

  • Improved Occupant Performance

  • Reduced Operational Costs

  • Better Indoor Air Quality

  • Creating Instructional Facilities

  • Daylighting enhances Occupant "Well Being"

  • Enhanced Asset Value and Increased Profits

  • Reduced Environmental Impacts

  • Positive Public Image

  • Optimized Life Cycle Economic Performance

  • Minor or No Increase in Construction Cost


Principle of Integrated Design

  Systems Integration:

  • Consider the Building as an Organism

  • Design Decisions have a Holistic, non-linear impact

  • Downsizing or Eliminating Systems is possible

  Integration Tools:

  • Energy Modeling

  • Daylight Modeling

  • Life-Cycle Cost Analysis

  • Materials Analysis and Impacts


Sustainable Design Components used on our Projects

  • Geothermal and Hybrid-Geothermal Heating and Cooling Systems

  • Robust Thermal Envelope Systems

  • Storm Water Infiltration and Rain Gardens

  • Structural Thermal Efficient Panel Systems

  • Rain Water Harvesting (Cistern) Systems

  • Low-Flow Plumbing Fixtures and Waterless Urinals

  • Integrated Advanced Lighting Controls

  • Wind Turbine Generating Systems

  • Solar Panels

  • Daylighting

  • Optimized Building Orientation

  • Recycled, Renewable, and Local Materials

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