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Our Clients...


Market Segments:


JC Pierce llc seeks to bring expert Project Management and Innovative Design to a wide variety of Client types, including:


  • K-12 Educational

  • Colleges and Universities

  • Corporate Commercial and Retail

  • Municipal and Public Authorities

  • Health Care

  • Public Housing

  • Residential

  • High School and Collegiate Athletics


Areas of Expertise:


The Staff at JC Pierce llc has decades of combined experience in the design of a variety of building types, including:


  • Elementary, Middle, and High Schools

  • High-Tech Media Classrooms

  • Theaters and Performing Arts Spaces

  • Administration and Municipal Buildings

  • Fire, Police, EMS, and other Public Safety Buildings

  • University On-Campus Residence Housing

  • University Classroom Buildings

  • University Student Unions

  • Laboratories and Science Buildings

  • Operations, Storage, and Maintenance Buildings

  • Retail Stores and Headquarters Buildings

  • Commercial and Professional Office Buildings

  • Football, Baseball, Soccer, and other Outdoor Athletic Fields

  • Recreation, Fitness, and other Indoor Athletic Building

  • Private Homes and Additions

  • Multi-Family Residential Buildings

  • Historic Restoration and Masonry Restoration Projects

  • Roof Replacement and Repair


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